The ‘I’ in the Centre

A common ineffable but tangible thread unites us all, inextricably joining us as One, of the same original Source. Yet, since childhood, we are taught to live based on our differences and separations from each other, to look outwards, away from the centre where this One-ness is experienced.

From the first day of our lives, our consciousness is moulded by a furiously prominent frame that encourages us to judge our successes by comparing ourselves with others. By the time we reach adulthood, we find ourselves working in a forgetful frenzy, trying to build up a “perfect” external environment in which we believe we will finally feel happy and fulfilled. “Forgetful”, because we lose sight of the most important ingredient:

The “I”, the centre.

We can begin to intuit the deeper meaning of this by contemplating the famous tale of Co-lumbus’ Egg. Whilst he did indeed make the egg stand upright, it came at the cost of a dra-matic compromise: Columbus chose to deform the egg in order to make it stand. Its natural and perfect ovoid shape had to be smashed in order for his solution to work. And likewise, people corrupt or degrade essential parts of themselves and their lives in order to grasp a sliver of success.

Consider that the egg was created in such a way that it can stay upright by itself, but only with the correct impulse. If you break it in order to make this happen, it is a clumsy and in-complete solution which only gives the illusion of success. The egg may appear vertical but it is a dead, inert apparition of verticality that comes with the unavoidable deterioration of the egg’s previously perfect and complete form.

We are designed with an innate verticality inside – a natural tendency towards perfection. But notably, it calls for a certain dynamism that can be represented by the analogy of a spinning-top children’s toy. The faster the top spins, the stronger its inclination to remain vertical.

In this analogy, the speed with which the top spins corresponds with the human’s capacity to live their life experiences with a certain inner intensity. This implies a deep awareness in each action, and not an outer intensity of excess. Our inner experience creates what we call “our life”.

From where does your happiness spring? Where is your success felt? Where does the love you feel come from? The answer is that it all flows from the core of your existence, not from somebody (or something) else. The human being contains everything inside, so it is there that one should search.

In the light of all this, my approach springs from an integral holistic vision. A radically holis-tic one, I might say, since the term is so often used in a partial or linear manner.

Everyone of us is a perfect piece of a marvellous whole. Seemingly paradoxically, the way to connect with and play our intended role in that whole, is by turning our awareness inside. My work is for a world where more people wake up to their inner interconnected reality, in-stead of inventing separated, fake alternative ones.

Society today is oriented towards constructing an outer perfection, whilst ignoring the per-fection that already lies inside each of us. Thus, we accomplish certain things but with deadly unintended costs. We poison our planet. We create a lot of injustice and unbalance. Our solutions to present problems cause numerous future problems. We think that we have to “make” the success but we forget that we live in a Successful Universe. Let’s reverse the paradigm. Realise that we just have to remove the dust from the real Success, just as Mi-chelangelo removed the extra stone that surrounded ‘David’, whom he already saw hidden in the marble:

“In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and action. I have only to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely appari-tion to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it.” ~ Michelangelo

First, we need to flip our perspective away from searching outwardly, and towards discover-ies within. This step is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance, but it certainly can’t be completed during a weekend self-development course. It’s a continuous path which gradually unfolds. But, knowing the destination is deep inside of us is significant and helps a lot. In this sense, we are at least heading towards the true source and not away from it.

Personal evolution then mirrors mysteriously into global evolution due to our interconnect-ed nature. My happiness and fulfilment are continuously enriched by other people’s visions and inner realisations. Each of us, a multidimensional puzzle piece, contributes to the big Whole: a complex reality of a bewildering and gigantic Hologram of Creation.

I hope that especially in this time of terrible challenges, many will dare to follow the path of inner transformation with great spiritual integral success!

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