I believe in the principle of CONTINUOUS TRANSFORMATION as the engine of evolution. Here and Now is the frame – Quantum Physics, Yoga, Tantra are my tools.


The Continuous Transformation Podcast


Being alive is Continuous Transformation. This is the podcast that gives a spin on your understanding of yourself and the world around you. Join and discover the right perspectives that can transform any life situation into an opportunity to grow.

Topics like leadership, time management, relationships, health, eroticism, mental focus and vigilant citizenship are discussed weekly by guests who want to get a clearer vision in this challenging and surprising world. 

Your host Advaitananda Stoian has a scientific background as a researcher in AI and quantum physics. For the past 30 years he has been practicing and teaching yoga, meditation and tantra. He is co-author of the most extensive course on esoteric tantra yoga and a 3-year meditation course. Over the years he has counselled thousands of people on matters including couple relationship, spiritual practice, mental focus, heart-centred leadership, and much more. 

This is a bridge between the past and future that is so much needed today! With the hope of making the high spiritual principles more accessible to people the world over, Advaitananda started this work of sharing his deep experience in many areas of life with his guests, in this podcast format. May it be transformative for many!



21-days programme

Waiting for the storm to pass is no longer possible. The Eye of the Storm is the real silent space that is also SAFE. Its position, however, continually updates, and so we also need to update fast enough. Hidden WITHIN the storm, this calm, silent and regenerative space can only be accessed by making a leap – we need to shift our attention towards challenges, transformation and learning. Instead of letting ourselves be dominated by fear and instincts, we are called to meet the challenge face on.

The Eye of the Storm 21-day programme does promise greater harmony, success and fulfilment in all areas of life… IF you are willing to do the work.

  • Find out how to add the equivalent of an entire day to your week.
  • Learn how to train your attention and capacity to focus AT WILL.
  • Enhance awareness and presence in daily activities, no matter how intense life gets.
  • Bring clarity upon your true goals and be guided by your priorities.
  • Shift from REaction to real action.
  • Eliminate distractions and disable the auto-pilot reflex.
  • Discover how universal laws guide our daily experience, eg. The Law of Giving.
  • Unblock the channels to resources you really need.
  • Reveal the hidden benefits that life’s challenges offer us.
  • Discover the heart’s decision-making power.
  • Find out what your desires are truly guiding you towards.
  • Override the settings that drive action based on desire, and make it a CHOICE.
  • Overcome hesitation and procrastination.
  • Transform boredom into enthusiasm no matter what you do.



The Network that is Always Available: The Network of Hearts

Good news. There is an infallible alternative to social media. It is free of charge and already installed. It is indestructible and no-one can shut it down. We all have an account there and all we need to do is to activate it. It is called the Network of Hearts. Our...

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: The Root of Integral Yoga (part two)

To read part one in the series: "Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: The Root of Integral Yoga" click here Patanjali's Yoga Sutra is divided into four sections, or Padas. Even if the structure described in it is a holistic one, each part has its role just like the organs in the...

Love as a Perpetuum Mobile – Secrets of Long-Lasting Relationships

  Couple Relationships: One of the most spoken about yet misunderstood topics today  All too often relationships are relegated to the backseat of our lives, being considered more like an annexe than an integral, fundamental part of life that should be given its...

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: The Root of Integral Yoga (part one)

An Integral Yoga System as a Holistic structure We owe to the great Sage Patanjali a workable Yoga system that has become the blueprint of most of the Yoga practiced today. Patanjali's amazing wisdom comes not only from the knowledge he teaches, but mostly from his...

Remember, Remember the 11th of September

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana”Remember, remember … the gunpowder treason against the people and plot; I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot!”. An old symbol of acting in the shadows,...


Begin your spiritual journey!


The Esoteric Tantra Yoga course is a journey of personal development, energy and awareness, chakras, love and relationships as well as tantric eroticism.

It contains a “toolbox” with methods to work with energy and to get to know yourself at a deeper and more profound level.


Learn to meditate step by step… Walk the royal path of meditation up the mountain of Self Realization. The course starts by forming a strong foundation upon which the meditative state can appear giving insights into the mechanisms of the mind.

Silence the mind and venture into the land of true initiates and the unfoldment of the amazing mysteries of the spiritual heart…


A real man is not born – he is forged! Vira is a sanskrit term for spiritual hero.

Awakening Vira project teaches the principles and mechanisms that enables the man to consciously operate success in every domain of life and to fulfill the role of the man in the complex world we live in today. Learn all the forces that forge a man.


  • Victoria on A Sign From God – Circular Rainbow Around The SunToday I saw a rainbow around the sun June 17, 2021 around noon. Palm Coast, Florida USA. It is amazing to see. I truly feel it’s a sign!! I embrace the love of God, and Angels!!
  • Kalas - Tantric Aspirant on Episode 13: Prepare Certain Skills for an Uncertain Future (Inquiries by Kalas)It was such an honour to do this episode with you Advaitananda, thank you so much once again for the invitation. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to ask some of the questions I had for such a long time regarding this topic and for the amazing answers and perspective you shared with me and with all of us in this episode. Now it's up to us to do the inner work or not. I will continue to weekly follow your amazing podcast and recommend it to everyone that is ready to embrace a path of continuous transformation.
  • Teresa on A Sign From God – Circular Rainbow Around The SunSaw this happen May, Monday 7:13 pm. 2021 and again this morning May ,Thursday @ 6:57 am. 2021. The sun itself is extremely bright and is a white light vs yellow. It makes everything look more blue. I was surprised to see it the second time. Now I want to see it again!
  • Valarie on A Sign From God – Circular Rainbow Around The SunI think your first comment is from when you were experiencing the dark night of the soul. By the second comment, you had come out of the other side😊
  • Advaitananda on Episode 1: Consciousness, Immunity and True Leadership – with Curious Questioner Elodia ThallonThis perspective is the spontaneous result of a systematic practice of lifting my consciousness above its self-assumed limitations. What is amazing is that i found the same perspective in all those that have transformed themselves enough so that results appeared. For me this was a clear supplementary proof that these results are objective since i was not aiming to obtain such perspective nor i have learned from books. Later i have discovered a similar perspective that come through the lines of texts written by people that were following different paths of inner transformation.
  • Anoke Samuel on A Sign From God – Circular Rainbow Around The SunI am witnessing this strange phenomenon now and am beneath it meditating that God should grand me window to know my purpose here on earth. It is our tradition that this happens when God want to favour his faithful. Am in Cameroon in the town of kumba
  • Ingerul Digital benefic on Advaita StoianAm prins si eu ideea intr-o melodie de la vama care canta despre vodka
  • Nicolai on Episode 4: Behind the Iron Curtain and Stolen Revolutions, Part 1: Is History Repeating Itself – Again? (Interviewer: Sahajananda J. Porslund)I understand the uneasiness about the privacy but "witch hunt"? If the poor people accused of being witches were alive today I think they would beg to differ about the use of this term. Let's keep the perspective. Likewise, I think people having lived under oppressive regimes would have a say about the consequences of reporting breaking for instance quarantine. Unless of course, you happen to see people being taken to camps, disappearing etc.
  • Tudor-Andrei Raneti on MISA Yoga Practitioner Wins Case at European Court of Human Rights 2I agree and need all the help I can get. ECHR reached a whopping 9 abuses againat me, destroying my dossier illegally, because it protects the international drug and human trafficking racket. I reintroduced it and registered it anyway eventually as short proof... I just discovered this week the Romanian Ministry of interior has an actual order that people with disabilities have no rights, and the regime stygmatizes people with fake disability papers, then tries to create an aliby to cover-up their Crimes against humanity generated by the same drug and human trafficking they operate. Amusingly their fake docs are...
  • Tantric aspirant on Episode 4: Behind the Iron Curtain and Stolen Revolutions, Part 1: Is History Repeating Itself – Again? (Interviewer: Sahajananda J. Porslund)I feel people are not so nice during this time of Covid19 and with the restrictions, it really feel like we are living in a communist regime, neighbors telling on each other, if they see more gatherings than allowed. Suddenly, the idea of such restrictions have turned into something else, a need of power and control from the minds of the public. Actually this accured while I was listening to this episode of your fantastic podcast that the police came to investigate. Investigate what? This is the last place of investigation and now it's become more of a witch hunt...
  • Devoted student to spirituality on My Response to the MediaI wish we could have this translated in danish as I would very much like to share with some of the members of my family, who has been asking me these questions. People will not understand, they aren't tought to understand by the way our society works unfortunately.
  • Mikael on Episode 4: Behind the Iron Curtain and Stolen Revolutions, Part 1: Is History Repeating Itself – Again? (Interviewer: Sahajananda J. Porslund)Renaming terms is a way to reshape concepts and the consciousness of the masses. What a wretchedness... I searched for some examples of this new invented so called Politically correct English: Bald = hair disadvantaged Failure = incomplete success Fat = horizontally challenged Dishonest = ethically disorientated Lazy = motivationally deficient Ugly = cosmetically different A.D. (Anno Domini - Latin for Year of our Lord) = C.E. (Common Era) My conclusion – Thus, people are funneled to a certain comfortable status and fake inclusiveness where there is no hope for confronting reality as it is and therefore no impulse for...
  • Mikael on Episode 3: From Emotional Eating and Pleasure Seeking to True Fulfullment – with Curious Questioner Lucy PattinsonFollow the desire to its source like the trout is swimming upwards the river. Since the desire comes from within me that is a pathway to follow inward to find the origin of this force that make me move toward the banana. Thank you Advaita for this hint. I feel that this is a big secret that can unveil for me more that I can imagine.
  • Matt on Episode 3: From Emotional Eating and Pleasure Seeking to True Fulfullment – with Curious Questioner Lucy PattinsonI loved this episode. I liked the way you broke down from so many perspectives this common situation we all face. I was breaking a fast this afternoon after listening to the first half of this podcast and it gave me a lot to become aware of. Im wondering how we do the reverse trip inside. Like you said we need to go inwards towards the sourse of desire not outwards towards the object of desire. But when i try to do that my desire goes away and i just experience the sensations in my body and i can walk...