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Some of the people who have worked with Ava over the years have shared highlights from their journeys and experiences with him. Read about profound perspective shifts and life transformations from people from all walks of life.

Stories of Transformation


Francisco Lendinez

COO & Board Member, Spain

I started the Quantum Tranformation Programme in 2017. Now, after 4 years, I can say that it was one of the most inspired choices I made in my life until now.

The Engineer – Facing a new paradigm

I met Ava in a period when I was aiming to introduce a more conscious and heartfelt leadership culture into my company. I soon understood, thanks to him, that it is not possible to lead such a transformation without a deep personal transformation too. So I decided to let myself be guided by him in what has been, and still is, the most extraordinary journey of my life. …



Consultant & Board Member, Sweden

From a young age I realised the importance of developing my skill base throughout life in order to stay relevant and maintain the plasticity of my brain. I took a Master’s degree in Engineering and started my career in management consulting. I later did another Master’s in Business Administration and a range of longer and shorter executive training programmes.

A new wild step in professional and personal growth

Looking back, all these trainings were fruitful, but the returns diminished as I carried on with my life. I realised that in order to truly grow, I needed to do something different. …


Samantha Pilbeam

Company Director, UK

I am a trained rebirthing & breath-work facilitator and have always had an interest in spirituality, healing and meditation. I was lucky enough to have been raised in an open household, and I learnt Transcendental Meditation at age 14. I used this tool at times, yet didn’t realise back then the importance of daily spiritual practice. I realised I needed the guidance of a teacher.

Meeting the teacher

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet Advaitananda and to train with him directly. The considerable shifts and positive changes I have experienced since have put me on an upward trajectory; a stark contrast to the struggles I experienced previously. …

Participant Testimonials

The programme with Advaitananda was intense; to me it was a game changer. You get in a mode of peacefulness, calm and quietness. I never expected quietness to be that attractive. And once I started living more in the moment, I was able to focus on tasks at hand which released a lot of resources. It got me balanced, and that made a great impact on the art I’m making.

Ben Flumm

Musician & Professional Speaker, Switzerland

I used to be a “busy fool”, just busy being busy, and I’d say I probably now do 10% of what I used to do because my level of self-awareness inside of business is just going up and up with the help of Advaitananda and the Quantum Transformation programme. It has given me back a massive amount of time.
Greg Garrett
Entrepreneur, United Kingdom

I’ve done a lot of courses, I lead courses, and it takes a lot to surprise me and to really find tremendous value, so it’s a great joy when I do find that. In the Eye of the Storm, I was continually surprised. One of the things that was really valuable for me was I’ve had this long problem of 15 years, something that I’ve put my head in the sand about, and with the Eye of the Storm, I actually started to look at it, take responsibility, and take actions, and for me that was huge value.

Lucy Pattinson
Breath Coach & Co-founder of Quantum Questions, United Kingdom
The revelations that I had whilst training with Ava were quite significant. Many times we can make a few jumps, but when it is required to make that quantum leap forward, we don’t have the resources, energy or capability to do it because we miss the fundamentals. The most significant thing for me has been how systematically these elements have been put together in such a beautiful, interleaved manner, that you feel completely transformed from the inside.

Hariprasad Prasarthy

Client Partner, Sweden

I got so many insights. And it was also confronting, because you realise how you are thinking and how trapped you are in your patterns. Ava’s way of teaching is very to the point and it brought a lot of self awareness, but it is in the practice that you really crystallise the theory. He really encourages you to experience it for yourself, and that’s worth millions.
Sigrid van Tassel
Yoga Teacher, Belgium
I’ve done some self-development through the years, and I prefer this approach. You get a sense that this is someone who has insight and experience. That just resonated right from the start. It was very clear and precise, and I like the way things were elaborated on. It’s a very well-rounded, well-executed, professional, and serious course.
Christian Halsted

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